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The only emergency epinephrine cabinet on the market designed especially for school lunch rooms and hallways
More and more states are passing laws enabling - or requiring - schools to keep a "stock" or "undesignated" supply of epinephrine auto-injectors on hand. Why train your entire staff to use an epinephrine auto-injector if they are stored exclusively in the nurse's office? Put your epinephrine where it can be used in an emergency before school, after school, during extracurricular activities and during weekend building activities.

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32 Unit Epinephrine Cabinet Designed Especially for School Nurses Juggling Dozens of Auto-Injectors
Store epinephrine auto-injectors for all allergic students, securely, but in a way that is accessible 24/7/365. Remember, the school nurse is not the only one that could need to administer an epinephrine injection!

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Offline Order Form
No credit card? No problem! Download the offline order form and fax it to us. All schools have instant credit!

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School Nurses! The EpiPen®4Schools Program
One of the challenges of creating this Allergy Emergency Kit has been the prescription-only nature of epinephrine. Fortunately many states have passed laws allowing school nurses (or obligating them) to have a public supply of epinephrine ...that is not attached to a specific child via prescription. Mylan Specialties, to their credit, has come out with a program for school nurses to recieve their first two 2-packs of EpiPen® or EpiPen Jr.® auto-injectors free of charge, and then subsequent pens at a discounted cost of $112.10 per 2-Pack. This program will be used by many of our school customers. We provide the secure, conspicuous storage cabinet - this program provides the actual medication.

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Confused by your state's Epinephrine Legislation? Let's customize your cabinet to fit your law!
To lock or not to lock - what a question! Our patent-pending cabinet design includes a full Velcro back panel and Velcro strips. You can place the allergy and asthma supplies of your choice in the kit and purchase signage that properly indicates your kit's function. A seafood restaurant will use different items than a gym class or a kindergarten classroom. We can put lettering on the front of your cabinet and we can fit it with a handle, lock, alarm, break-glass hammer or whatever other customizations fit your school or facility.

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Let's Connect on LinkedIN
Having created the concept of putting epinephrine in school corridors just like an AED, I enjoy opportunities to speak with food allergy parents, school nurses and school superintendents about Access to Epinephrine.

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