Do Good, Win an Unbelievable Prize

Most Shares Prize - $300 Coach Purse

1st Prize $1099 iPhone 14
$250 Lululemon Gift Card for 2nd Place Winner

Most Engaged With Post Prize - $250 YETI

Are you a social media maniac?   Are you proud of your engagement with hundreds or even thousands of connections?

8/4/23  Illinois Supply Company is sponsoring a 30 day contest to reward the best promoter of our newest products.   We need more social media exposure and we would rather pay indviduals than just use paid advertising outlets.  What you have to do to win is simple:  Take Images and links from below and share them on your social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and encourage your friends to share them as well.  On Labor Day weekend, 9/4/23, we will announce the winners whose posts have generated the most likes, shares, retweets etc.

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"We are at a critical time when knowledge of how to save a life is more important than ever.  We need to build familiarity with Naloxone (Narcan) and ensure that members of the public know what to do in an overdose emergency.  Furthermore, Illinois Supply's LiveSafer Cabinets bring protection for multiple risk factors to our nation's schools.   These are good, important messages hopefully everyone will share"  - Brandon Wilson, Founder

How to Create Posts

Narcan Vending Machine

This narcan giveaway machine holds 50 boxes of Narcan and since it is gravity fed, it has no moving parts and will not jam!  At $699, it is 80% cheaper than many other vending machines that have been purchased for giving away Narcan.

Feel free to get creative and use the product features in your post!

Meet "Barney" The Big, Purple and Friendly Narcan Giveaway Newsstand!

County Health Departments and Harm Reduction organizations are crazy about Barney, because it is easy to deploy or relocate, it holds TONS of Narcan (like 120 boxes!) and it has tons of custom labeling options.   Illinois Supply offers free custom labeling on orders for more than 20 units!

Outdoor Waterproof Naloxone Distribution Cabinets

This waterproof outdoor cabinet can be mounted on a wall or on a light pole, post or telephone pole.  This cabinet holds 9 boxes of Narcan and features fade-resistant labeling and our everpresent Velcro back panel.

(You get credit for any news articles you post that have pictures or videos of this cabinet)