Don't install the cabinet somewhere that could remain locked up while the rest of the building is open.

The most basic function of an Allergy Emergency Kit cabinet is that it is supposed to be available for emergencies 24/7/365 - whenever the building is in use. Make sure you have at least one cabinet that is always accessible even when the building is minimally in-use.

Don't forget to use the Velcro! The view through the window tells you what's inside.

The Allergy Emergency Kit was designed to not need shelves - it is not a shelving unit. The design of the AEK is meant to permanently support all brands and designs of auto-injector, past, present and future. Make sure when you are looking through the glass you can see everything that is in the cabinet. That is why we ship our hallway/lunchroom epinephrine cabinets with strip velcro (for Benadryl) and velcro coins (for auto injectors).

Don't use panel-style bags with loose auto-injectors or inhalers.

The AEK flat panel evacuation bags are designed to be compatible with the 16-Unit, 32-Unit, and 20-Unit Inhaler nurse's office storage products. The back panel of the cabinets is removable and fits inside the bag. The panel storage products can be placed directly in the panel-style evacuation bag in case of emergency.

For loose auto-injectors we recommend the field trip bag (pictured), which includes a velcro panel of its own, or other specialty bags, such as the athletic coach insulated bag or field trip fanny pack.