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Naloxone / Narcan Overdose Emergency Kits: Choose a Product

Naloxone / Narcan Opioid Overdose Emergency Kit
This cabinet is designed to hold all Naloxone delivery methods currently on the market using our Velcro mounting system. This cabinet includes instructions for Narcan brand Naloxone.

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Police/Fire First Responder Narcan Overdose Emergency Kit Case
Police/Fire First Responder Overdose Emergency Kit Case

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Naloxone Narcan Overdose Kit Sign
Wall-mounted sign clearly indicates location and contents of your emergency cabinet. This sign designates Naloxone auto-injectors only.

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Overdose Narcan Carrying Bag
Perfect for Police Car Trunks or Gloveboxes or for keeping Opioid Overdose Emergency items together within a a larger first responder bag or kit.

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Wall Hanger for Plastic Cases
If Velcro hanging is not ideal for your location, you can use this metal hanger that can be screwed into drywall or brick walls.

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